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Farewell to a Dedicated Director

Angela Zimmermann Announces Racine Public Library Resignation

Farewell to a Dedicated Director

by | Friday, Jul 28, 2023

After two and a half years with the Racine Public Library, Angela Zimmermann has resigned from her position as the executive director. In her resignation on Thursday, July 27, she shared that her last day would be Friday, July 28. An interim director will be announced shortly.

A photo of Angela Zimmermann, former Executive Director of the Racine Public Library, on a photo of the Racine Public Library. Text says "Wishing farewell to a dedicated director: Angela Zimmermann."


  1. Deborah Eisel

    The transformation of the library is amazing. I am energized just walking in the door. It’s beautiful. It’s so high tech. I love it. And I can still get all the great books I’m looking for!

    Thank you to the staff, Director Angela Zimmerman, and the boards. So sorry to hear Ms. Zimmerman has resigned. I never got a chance to meet and congratulate her.

  2. Bella Jon Cronin

    So delighted for all of the wonderful people who have helped to make our community library 📚 accessible to such an incredible diverse and talented audience in our beautiful & beloved RACINE On The LAKE…
    Thanks So Very Much for your commitment and support to our students, staff, parents and community members throughout our area!!!

    P. S. I’m Very SAD 😢 to hear & see Angela Zimmerman depart from her career here,
    she’s certainly been a HUGE Blessing & Inspiration for truly serving our community library 📚…

    🙏💕🫂😘 Angela 🎉❤️

  3. patrick prescott

    Angela was relly great in Mukwonago. i am somewhat mystified why she resigned. you do not give up a job that pays 140000 if its not serious. was this political?


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