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Meeting Rooms

Rent a Conference Room, Event Location or Meeting Space at the Racine Public Library
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Planning a meeting? We have a space for you.


Our meeting rooms are a great space for businesses or organizations to host events and larger meetings than a study room could accommodate.


How to book a meeting space


Please contact us three months to two weeks in advance of your activity to book a room. To get started, get in touch at (262) 636-9170 or [email protected].


Meeting rooms are available 9 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Friday and Saturday. We can book events after-hours for a special rate — see the room listings for more details.


The Atrium

Seats 75
$25 per meeting


The Atrium is a cozy first-floor vestibule adjacent to our Book Sale nook and admin offices.

The Community Room

Seats 77
$100 per meeting


The Community Room is one of the newest spaces offered by our second-floor renovation. This conference room is located alongside our lake-facing upper windows and the elevator to the second floor, offering great views as well as a kitchenette for your meeting.

The Business Center

Seats 30
$50 per meeting


Our new Business Center is tucked amidst our study spaces on the side of the second floor closest to the former YMCA building. This room features lots of seating options and natural light in one of the library’s calmest corners.

The Emily Lee Room

Seats 30
$25 per meeting


The Lee Room is a conference room connected to our first-floor Atrium. This room features a castable TV for your presentations, easy-to-move tables and a large whiteboard.

The Peggy Martin Room

Seats 20
$25 per meeting


The Martin Room sports fun, modular seating and artwork with a charming view of the lake. It’s located just off our youth services department.

After-Hours Events

$300 per hour
$25/hour to include public safety specialist coverage, contingent upon their availability


Need some extra flexibility? We can also work with you to provide space for events hosted outside of the library’s main hours.

What equipment and setup do the library’s meeting rooms come with?


We can provide:

  • Seating and tables, as well as set-up according to your specifications. Please let us know what you’re looking for when you book the space.
  • Some equipment, including a microphone, screen, LCD projector, sound system, or laptop, upon request.

The party booking the room will be responsible for:

  • Transporting supplies to and from the room
  • Any cleaning beyond normal maintenance
  • Running the activity
  • Operating equipment
  • Storing supplies you own
  • Paying for damages to any library equipment

What are the requirements for using the library’s meeting rooms?


The activity the room is for:

  • Can’t interfere with the library’s normal functions
  • Can’t be a private, social function like a party
  • Must be legal

Those booking the room:

  • Can’t charge a fee for entry, sell to or solicit visitors, or advertise services or products. You can, however, share information about your organization.
  • Need to get approval before posting any signage in the library.
  • Can’t use the library’s logo without permission. To get approval for logo usage, reach out to the Head of Business Development at least a week in advance of when you need the materials approved.
  • Can’t list the library as a co-host or sponsor. (This doesn’t apply to activities that have been submitted through our Program Proposal Form and accepted as a library-sponsored activity.) In either case, you can, of course, name the library as the location of your event.
  • Must be 18 or older, or have someone 18 or older sign the meeting room application and be present during the room’s use.
  • Must follow the ADA while using the room.
  • Must follow the library’s policies while using the space.

What you can expect from the library during your booking:

  • Library staff need to be able to enter the room during its use.
  • We’ll book your space on a first-come, first-served basis after the library has reserved the spaces and times it needs for its activities.
  • If we need to book a library activity during a time you scheduled, we’ll let you know at least two weeks in advance, and we’ll work with you to find a different room in the library for your activity.

If you’re interested, you can also read our full Public Use of Rooms Policy.

Study Rooms


If you’re coming to the library just for a place to meet or work with up to a few people, try one of our study rooms. Using a study room is free. You can book a study room for walk-in use if one is available, but we recommend contacting the library to book in advance.


There’s no limit to how often you can book a study room, but keep in mind that we may ask regular users of the room to book fewer slots if we need to in order to allow less frequent visitors use of the space as well.


What are the rules for using the study rooms?

The person booking the room:

  • Must be 14 or older
  • Must leave a photo ID with the library staff while using the room
  • Must let staff know when they’re done with the room to receive their ID back.
  • Will be responsible for any damage to the room.

What you can expect from the library:

  • We’ll keep your photo ID in a safe space and return it to you when you’re done with the room.
  • If the room has been empty for 15 minutes, we’ll open it back up for other patrons to use and move any items left inside to our lost and found.

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