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Returns and Dropboxes

Where can you return library items?

Drop items off at any of the stops below.

You can return things to any of the dropboxes below, as well as at the Bookmobile. Just keep in mind that only certain dropboxes are set up to take DVDs, CDs, video games or other fragile media.

Where can I return DVDs, CDs, video games and other fragile items?


While books can be returned anywhere, not all of our dropboxes are set up to take more fragile items. If you’re returning something that needs a little extra care, the following dropboxes will work.


  • Ohio Street and Graceland Boulevard
    This dropbox is on Ohio Street, just a few steps north of Graceland Boulevard. Please place more delicate returns in the northernmost box (the one furthest from the intersection).
  • Shorecrest
    3900 Erie Street
  • The Bookmobile
    Check out the Bookmobile’s list of stops.
  • Outside the library, 75 7th Street
    These dropboxes are on the island in the circle of Library Drive
  • Inside the library, 75 7th Street
    Our indoor dropbox is to the left of the first-floor front desk. Or, you can leave your items with any staff member.

Where can I return Beyond Books items?


Please return Beyond Books collection items inside the library or at the Bookmobile only. Our dropboxes aren’t set up to accept Beyond Books returns.


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