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Can't make it in to the library? We deliver!
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Keeping our community connected.


The Racine Public Library’s home delivery service makes sure everyone in our community can get books and other items from the library, even if they’re not able to stop in to visit. To get started, just fill out a quick application so we can assess your needs. After that, you just share what titles and items you want with our home delivery team — in as much or as little detail as you want — and we’ll coordinate drop-offs and pick-ups with you.


Thank you to the Friends of the Racine Public Library for making the home delivery service possible.

How to Sign Up

You can apply to participate in the home delivery service by filling out our online form or printing out a form (PDF) to send in.

servicio de entrega a domicilio. Manteniendo nuestra comunidad conectada. Para programar una entrega, comuníquese con Maria DeGroot al (262) 234-8666 o Home Delivery Service. Keeping our community connected. To schedule a drop-off or pickup, reach out to Katie Day at  (262) 636-9193 or

Who can use the library’s home delivery service?

Racine County residents who live east of I-94 and can’t make it to the library’s building or Bookmobile.

What items can I check out through the home delivery service?

Anything! Whether it’s a book, movie, magazine, or Beyond Books Collection item, we’ll bring you anything the library has to offer.

How long can I keep items for?

Check-out periods for the home delivery service are a lot more flexible than standard check-outs. Basically, once you become a part of the program, we’ll coordinate pick-up and delivery sessions that work with the schedules of you and our home delivery team. Whether it’s once a month, more often, or even for a longer duration, the most important thing is that it fits your needs.

Does it cost anything to use the home delivery service?

Nope! The Racine Public Library’s home delivery service is 100% free. We don’t charge fees for any overdue items, either, whether you’re borrowing through the program or in the library. However, we do charge replacement costs for lost or damaged items.

Are you able to stop quickly by the library or Bookmobile but just don’t have time to hunt your items down? You can also try placing a hold.


Are you thinking about applying? Want to know more? We’re happy to talk it over with you or answer any questions you might have.

For more details, please also see our Home Delivery Service Policy (PDF) or other policies.

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