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Young Adult Library Leaders (YALL)

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Young Adult Library Leaders (Y.A.L.L.)

Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read what YALL is all about! We’re excited to work with you here at the Racine Public Library. After all, when you join YALL, the library gains:

Knowledge about what local teens actually want out of their public library

Insights into what really matters to you

Suggestions and ideas from smart, driven young adults who care about this community

Leadership and assistance with the programs and services that will shape RPL into a dynamic, energized organization that go beyond the traditional model

Maybe some really cool visual designs and stuff to look at around the library?

What YOU’LL gain by joining YALL?

Run the Show!

Got ideas for some great library programs? Now’s your chance to make them happen! 

Be a Production Assistant!

Want to be a part of the inner workings? Assist with anything from storytimes or author visits – we need you!

Be a Production Assistant!

Want to be a part of the inner workings? Assist with anything from storytimes or author visits – we need you!

Be an Influencer!

Not talking about sponsored IG posts (unless you can pull that off too). If you have opinions about books or other media, there’s a display shelf or a bookmark rack just waiting for you to fill it.

Pull in Crowds!

Any good program needs great marketing. Flyers, signs, and posters don’t just make themselves; they take a good eye for design and some desktop publishing wizardry!

Give Us a Voice!

Are you a social media whiz? If you know just what we need to make a splash on the internet, jump on in!

This Council is brought to you by…

Bake sales are only the tip of the iceberg. We know you have much more out-of-the-box ideas for how to support YALL and RPL. Come tell us, then lead the way!

And those are just a few ideas! It’s your group….what do you want it to be? You’re the leaders!


Participation in YALL can take whatever form you choose, for the most part. As a group, we will have regular monthly meetings (Teen Think Tank) where we’ll plan, discuss, catch up, eat snacks, and all that.

Besides those meetings, you might choose to involve yourself as little or as much as you like! Are you an Insta geek? Why not help run our teen social media? A book fanatic? Help make displays or recommendation lists! It’s up to you!


And what would be expected of you?

Members of YALL will be: 

  • Ages 13-18
  • A resident of Racine or our neighboring communities
  • Able to work well with other members and the library patrons with whom you might interact 
  • Able to commit to attending TTT meetings at least once per quarter
  • Involved in at least one other engagement option per year


Interested in joining YALL? Fill out the form below.

I would be interested in these activities as a member of YALL: (Note: This is not a commitment, so no pressure.)

Teen Think Tank (YALL’s monthly meetings) are important for all members. Can you commit to attending at least once per quarter (September, December, March, and June)?

More questions? We’re happy to answer them! Feel free to reach out to Teen Librarian: Carrie Richmond at 262.636.9159 or at [email protected].

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