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Welcoming Interim Director Nick Demske

Nick Demske Appointed Interim Director

by | Monday, Jul 31, 2023

Nick Demske has accepted his appointment by the board of the Racine Public Library to the role of the library’s interim director. More details will be available in the coming days about the board’s search for a permanent executive director.

A photo of Nick Demske in front of a photo of the library. Text says, "Welcoming interim director Nick Demske."


  1. Mary Flanagan

    I’m happy that the Racine Public Library has chosen Nick Demske as Interim Director! Racine and RPL is blessed to have him–a true public servant that seeks the best for the community. I use the RPL all the time, and I have been impressed with the quality of service and programs offered. Nick will continue this quality and work to untangle any internal issues.

  2. Melissa

    I think that’s fantastic news! I don’t know Nick Demske personally, but I always thought he was very polite, kind, helpful and knowledgeable during my past interactions with him while visiting the children’s section of the library with my children when they were younger.

  3. Colleen Stoneburner

    I have been thinking of calling you since Tuesday when I heard this great news. I know that you know I think you are incredible! I am so happy for you and for all of us library Patrons about your recent appointment to Interim Director!! You are the best and will do a great job. As you do in so many areas of your life! My only advice is to take time for yourself and don’t burn out. You are my HERO!
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

  4. Cheryl A Dinauer

    Welcome! Please let me know if there are any plans in the future to better serve and accommodate those of us who are Racine County residents who border Milwaukee and Racine Counties. My closest library is Union Grove and it is a 25 minute drive each way. I am an avid reader and utilize the library often, however the drive is inconvient and expensive. I often have to make a ride out just because a book is due. I hope a future satalite library hub can be considered – a drop off and pick up hub closer to us west of I94 on on the Milwaukee County/Racine County border. I am sure remodeling and improvements made to the downtown Racine Library are nice, but most of us will never get there. Please let me know your thoughts.

    • Shay King

      Hi, Cheryl! I’ve passed along your feedback to the rest of the library’s leadership team. It’s a good idea, and one we’ve discussed regularly before. The main factors making it tricky for us to open branches further out are 1. funding, and 2. the Racine Public Library would have a tricky set of legal parameters to navigate if we wanted to open a library outside of the city of Racine. But, it’s something we will definitely continue exploring solutions to. And thank you!

  5. Brooke Tampa

    Congratulations Nick! Racine public library is lucky to have you😁

  6. AliceThomson

    Congratulations, Nick and congratulations to the Racine community for having a library director so committed to the well-being of our community

  7. Janet

    Wow so cool to find out about Nicks elevation at the Racine Library. I remember years ago being in the lower level with 2-6 kids every Saturday and throughout the week; Nick was always very helpful and nice. Some of the kids I would be chaperoning are in high school now and some have graduated high school. I can’t wait to share this news and show Nicks pictures to the kids and find out if they remember Nice Nick! Kudos

  8. Elaine Marie Kinch

    Greetings NIck!
    It was good to see you today. And to be seated by you, our interim director! Adelante!


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