Sensory Room

Opening Early February

A photo of some of the sensory room's installations: bubble mats, a warped mirror, a tent, a plush rocking chair and soft lights.

The Racine Public Library’s sensory room is a private, quiet room full of calming toys and tools like bubble tanks, scent diffusers, tactile wall toys, sensory lights and more. It also includes a privacy screen and chair for nursing parents. The sensory room will be available by appointment beginning in early February.

What is a sensory room?

A sensory room is a relaxing space with furniture, toys, gadgets and more to meet people’s unique sensory needs. Sensory rooms can be an educational or development space for children or cognitively disabled people. They can soothe an autistic person experiencing a meltdown. Or they can be a secure place for a person with trauma to relieve a flashback.

These are only examples — the room is open to anyone who would find it supportive. No matter the need, the sensory room is a safe space for emotional regulation and sensory stimulation.

Who can use the sensory room?

Anyone! We especially invite autistic people, disabled people, those with mental illness and parents and their young children to use the room.

What’s in the sensory room?

The tools, furniture and toys in the room include:

  • Bubble tube
  • Wall caterpillar
  • Weighted blanket
  • Tent
  • Gel tiles
  • Concentration rocker
  • Bubble mirror
  • Touch lights
  • Jellyfish tank
  • Infinity mirror

Come try them out and see what else the room holds!

Can you add something new to the sensory room?

Maybe! Send your suggestion to, and we’ll consider adding it to our next supply purchase.

What sensory activities can I do from home?

A lot of the items in our sensory room are available for purchase to have in your own home. There’s a lot of options for other sensory toys and activities for at home. Here’s a few links to explore!

Book the Sensory Room

The sensory room is available for 45-minute reservations:

  • Mondays — 9 a.m. to Noon, 4 to 7 p.m.
  • Fridays — Noon to 3 p.m.

Outside these days and times, the sensory room can be used for urgent needs at the discretion of the library.

When you’re done with your session, ask the youth services desk about bringing home one of our essential oil samples!

To reserve the sensory room or ask about as-needed availability, stop by the youth services desk on the first floor, or call the library at (262) 636-9170.

Rules of Use

  • Up to six people can be in the sensory room at a time.
  • Reservations are only for the person who makes the reservation and any guests they name.
  • Guests under 12 years old must have a parent or guardian with them.
  • No food or drinks in the sensory room, except for dietary or medical need.
  • The room can’t be used for professional therapy without the approval of the library.
  • Let a library worker know if any of the room’s contents are broken or not working.
  • When you’re done in the room, please return it to the way you found it.

To learn more about the sensory room, check out our policies and procedures, or email Ashley Cedeño at