Meeting Rooms

Rules and Regulations Governing Meeting Rooms Use

City departments and committees may use the meeting rooms to conduct the City of Racine business if there is no conflict with the Library’s need for the rooms. The Friends of the Library and the Racine Public Library Foundation may use the room for meetings and events, which are for the purpose of supporting the Racine Public Library. Reservations must be made through the Business Assistant, and no fees will be assessed for this use.

Because the Library uses the meeting rooms routinely in carrying out the varied activities that support its mandated library service, and because of the lack of supporting staff available to provide a full range of meeting rooms services, the use of the library meeting rooms by the general public is offered only on a limited, self-service basis. To defray the taxpayers’ costs for meeting room reservation and maintenance services, the general public is required to pay a fee to use the library meeting rooms.


In all cases, the Library’s use of the meeting rooms will be given priority. To that effect, the Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation by the general public with one month’s notice whenever the rooms are needed for Library purposes. If the library cancels a reservation by the general public, the library staff will attempt to find an alternate location in the library for the meeting. All uses other than by the Library will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

Authors and Creative Works

The Racine Public Library supports the rights of authors and other creators of literary, musical and artistic works to sell their works as part of a program provided to the public, with the approval of the Library Director and abiding by Collection Development Policy guidelines.

Provision for Use by Minors

Minors (under eighteen years of age) must have the meeting room application signed by a sponsoring adult (at least eighteen years of age) who must also be present at the meeting.

The Library’s Safe Child Policy applies to all attendees and will be enforced in the event meeting room users bring children and leave them unattended while attending meetings.

Room Availability During Regular Open Hours of the Library

The Meeting Rooms will be available for use by advance reservation from when the library opens until fifteen minutes before the library closes.

Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. -7:45 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m.-3:45 p.m.

The entire library facility may be used for special events after hours only.


To reserve a meeting room, a representative of the reserving group, business, or organization, must fill out a reservation form, sign the hold harmless agreement, pay the user fee and security deposit, and file these items with the Business Assistant. The Business Assistant is the only staff member authorized to process meeting room or area reservations and to make the arrangements needed to fill them. Reservation applications, inquiries, or other concerns directed to other Racine Public Library staff members will be referred to the Business Assistant.

In order to make the meeting rooms available to as many users as possible, reservations are limited to one use per month. The meeting rooms must be reserved at least two weeks in advance and may be reserved up to six months in advance.

User Fees

A schedule of fees is listed below. These rates, set by the Library Board, are reviewed periodically and are subject to change by a decision of the Board.


Room Capacity  Fee
Emily Lee Room 25 $25.00
Pomeroy Room 10 $15.00
Atrium 75 $25.00
Special Events – After Hours $300.00 per hour

Security for after hours events are $25.00 per hour.
Applicable licenses and permits are the responsibility of the users.

Room Availability After Regular Open Hours of the Library

A separate fee per hour will be charged for the use of the meeting rooms or areas after hours. An additional fee per hour will be charged for a security guard.

Emily Lee Room, Seating Capacity 30
$25 per meeting

Security officer after hours: $25 per hour

Pomeroy Room, Seating Capacity 10
$15 per meeting

Security officer after hours: $25 per hour

Atrium Area, Seating Capacity 75
$25 per meeting

Security officer after hours: $25 per hour

Special events at the Library, after hours
$300 per hour
Security officer after hours: $25 per hour

All applicable licenses and permits are the responsibility of the user.

Room Arrangements

The meeting rooms will be set up in the Basic Room Arrangement, as described under General Information About the Library Meeting Rooms and as posted in the meeting rooms. Any other setup will require a special setup fee. On Sundays, meeting room users are responsible for their own setup and for putting the rooms back in order. After-hour use of the facility will entail a special setup fee.


The Library cannot provide porter service to transport supplies to or from the meeting rooms, nor any custodial help beyond the normal maintenance of the rooms. The Library cannot provide personnel to assist with meetings or programs or to operate equipment.


The Library cannot provide storage for property of individuals, businesses, or organizations who meet in the library building, and assumes no responsibility for property whether attended or unattended, before, during, or after meeting room use.

Smoke-Free Facility

Because the City of Racine is smoke-free by by City Ordinance, smoking is not allowed in any meeting area.

Prohibition of the Use of the Library Name and Address

In any public announcement, the meeting room user is prohibited from using the Racine Public Library’s name and/or address in such a way that inference can be made that the Racine Public Library is the host or sponsor of the scheduled event. A copy of the public announcement must be submitted to the Business Assistant and approved prior to public release. Allowing a user group to use a meeting room does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the views of the meeting room user, but is a statement of the Library’s adherence to the Library Bill of Rights, assuring equitable and non-discriminatory use of the meeting rooms by the public.

Hold Harmless Agreement

The user must abide by all the rules stated in this policy, indemnify the Library from any damage caused by the user, and hold the Library, the City of Racine, and its employees, free from any liability.

This policy supersedes all previous policies and rules regarding the use of the Racine Public Library Meeting Room.

Adopted by the Library Board December 16, 1993. Revised August 19, 1999; September 21, 2000; Updated to reflect new hours, January 2004; Revised September 21, 2006; Revised April 17, 2008; Revised February 8, 2011