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Going Beyond Books at the Racine Public Library

You can try checking out tools, yard games, electronics, and other items!
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Going Beyond Books

by | Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

The Beyond Books Collection is my favorite collection at the library. It’s great for items that are expensive to buy and clunky to store, but won’t be used by an individual household more than once in a while. So whenever someone’s about to try a new activity, hobby or DIY project, I strongly recommend checking the shelves of the Beyond Books Collection before buying new supplies.


Great for Outdoor Movie Nights


One of my favorite ways to use the collection is checking out its video projectors for my outdoor movie nights. They’re easy to set up and connect to a laptop. I like to project onto the side of my garage — just bring out some chairs and pop some popcorn, and you have everything you need for the perfect summer movie night! If the library’s hotspots aren’t all checked out, I’ll also grab one for faster internet while we’re outside. You can even check out laptops, Rokus loaded with streaming services or a DVD player — and of course, DVDs — from the library. This is just one of the ways the Beyond Books Collection can help you make great memories and enjoy some entertainment for free.


Try Out a Yard Game


Another fun part of the collection is its yard games. I love playing bags, for instance — I’ve even looked at purchasing a set, but a decent one is around the $100 mark. Luckily, the library has a bags set I can use for free. I’ve also borrowed its tetherball, ladder golf and giant jenga sets for some backyard fun. The Beyond Books Collection is a great way to enjoy specialized games without spending hundreds just to leave them in the garage between uses.


Tools for New Projects


There’s also a lot of tools in the Beyond Books Collection — some familiar, like pliers and binoculars, plus some obscure ones that are tons of fun to try. For example, you could save money on an inspection by checking out a radon detector to test your home yourself. Our reel-to-reel converter is another really cool example. Last Christmas, I used it on a bunch of my grandma’s old home video film reels to digitally convert them for viewing on a laptop. My grandma hadn’t been able to watch these videos since her reel projector from the 60s died, and now her home videos have a new life where we can easily re-watch and share them with each other.
The Beyond Books Collection is full of unique games, tools and supplies like these, so be sure to browse it the next time you’re at the library or placing holds online. It’s a great way to try a new skill or take care of that once-in-a-while task without paying for or storing something new. Explore the collection here!


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