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Outreach Libraries

Pop-up library branches throughout Racine
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Although the Racine Public Library only has one building of its own, it maintains several miniature branches at locations throughout the community. These pop-up libraries are what we call outreach libraries. Outreach libraries are just one of the ways we keep our community connected through our Library GO! initiative, which encompasses all the ways the Racine Public Library is available outside its building.


What is an outreach library?


An outreach library is a small collection of 20-60 titles hosted at a community location other than the library. They’re almost like a miniature branch of the library. Our outreach library team maintains these collections by refreshing the titles around once a month.


How do patrons borrow from an outreach library?


Patrons who want to borrow from the outreach libraries must be members or visitors of the location where the outreach library is maintained. These patrons then go through the process any other library user would go through—they use a library card to check items out, then they return the items when they’re done. The only difference is that these patrons don’t have to travel to another location to borrow or return items, meaning that anyone without access to transportation can still benefit from the resources offered by the library.

Outreach Library Locations

Elizabeth Gardens

Lake Oaks


Lincoln Villa North

Lutheran Church v Redeemer

Marian Housing

Mt. Pleasant Place

Parkview Gardens

8500 Racine Commons

8600 Racine Commons

Salvation Army

Trinity Terrace

The Villa @ Lincoln Park

Willowgreen Home

The Woods of Caledonia

How can I bring an outreach library to my location?


If you’re interested in hosting an outreach library at your location, reach out to Jenny Polzin-Groth, our outreach library manager, at [email protected].


Most of the locations participating in the outreach library program are assisted living homes. However, we’re open to to considering a partnership with any community location in Racine.


What to Expect When You Host an Outreach Library


Once a month, Jenny will reach out to the contact person for your outreach library to facilitate a swap. Deliveries are available Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. through noon. Once your time is set, Lonnie — our outreach library drop-off coordinator — will bring around 20-60 large print and regular books to your location that your users haven’t seen before or recently, and she’ll bring back any items not checked out to your users.


Special requests are welcome. We can easily accommodate requests for different types of books and media, and sometimes we can even arrange for specific titles to be available to you. Whether your borrowers are interested in titles in Spanish, DVDs, audiobooks, or even multiple copies of the same title for a user’s book club, we can work with you to make it happen.

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