Policy on Small Group Study Rooms


There are three study rooms located in the Adult Services Department on the second floor of the Library for groups of up to four people and one study room located in the Youth Services Department on the first floor for up to six people.  These rooms are dedicated to small group use for group study, discussions, projects, tutoring and similar activities.  Study rooms are available at no cost during regular library hours.

Study Room Policies

  • Study rooms are intended for informal small group use and are not to be used for commercial purposes (commercial purposes include, but are not limited to, the offering or solicitation of goods, services or memberships.)
  • Those using the study rooms must comply with all rules and behaviors as set forth in the Library Board’s “Patron Behavior Policy.”  Failure to do so may result in the loss of study room or library privileges.
  • The Library Director shall be responsible for developing and implementing procedures governing use of the Small Group Study Rooms.  These procedures shall be consistent with the principles outlined in this policy.
  • The rooms may not be used for private social functions, such as birthday parties.


Adopted by the Library Board July 15, 2010; amended November 15, 2012.