Racine History Room Rules and Regulations


The purpose of the Racine Public Library History Collection is to preserve materials that document the history of Racine County and to make these materials available to researchers and the general public.

The Racine History Room contains current and historical information about the city of Racine and Racine County. Included in this collection are items published in Racine, about Racine, or written by Racine authors. The Racine Public Library considers a Racine author to be someone that:

  1. Was born in Racine County, has spent a significant portion of their life in Racine County, and has current connections to Racine County.
  2. Has written their works while living and residing within Racine County.
  3. Writes their works about Racine, has influence here, or has strong Racine County roots (e.g. Kevin Henkes).

The librarians will determine if the book donated by a local author fits these requirements and should be included in the collection.The library staff maintains the right to remove items from the collection they feel no longer fit these criteria, and also maintain the right to refuse items they do not feel fit the requirements of the collection development policy. If they determine that the books donated do not fit these requirements for the archival local author collection, an offer will be made to the Racine Heritage Museum first, before the book is put in the book sale.


Also included are an archival collection of books published by Western Publishing, documents of local governing bodies, postcards, newspapers and vertical files which contain pamphlets and clippings on local happenings. Materials that are placed in the Racine History Room collection are considered unique, costly to replace, or irreplaceable by the staff.

Room Use

  1. The Racine History Room equipment and furnishings will be used primarily for the purpose of local history research and related activities and will be available during normal library hours.   The room is not to be used as a study room.  The room will be locked when not in use.
  2. Reference staff may use the room for proctoring appointments.
  3. Patrons wishing to use the room must be at least 18 years old, and must sign-in at the Reference Desk.  Patrons will be required to leave a state or government issued photo ID at the Reference Desk while using the collection.
  4. Coats, bags, purses, backpacks, etc must be kept behind the Reference Desk, outside of the Racine History Room.
  5. Food and drink are not permitted in the Racine History Room.
  6. 6. Ink pens of any kind are not permitted while using the materials.  Notes must be taken in pencil or by computer.
  7. Paper will be allowed at the discretion of the reference staff.
  8. Laptops, cameras and scanners are permitted.
  9. Librarians will assist patrons in retrieving materials.
  10. Materials must be handled with care; they must not be leaned on, written on, folded, or otherwise handled in any way likely to cause damage to them.
  11. All materials in the Racine History Room are considered reference and may not be taken out of the Racine History Room.
  12. There is a copy machine and a scanner located in the Racine History Room.  It is the responsibility of the user to follow all copyright laws.
  13. Patrons are asked to leave materials on a table after use for staff to shelve.


Racine History Room Log

A user log will record all users of the room.  It will indicate that the user agrees to the provisions of this policy and will include the user’s signature, date, printed name, address and phone number.  The log will be retained electronically.