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The library takes phone requests during open hours.

For information requests
262-636-9217     Adult Services Department
262-636-9245     Youth Services Department

For questions about your library account
262-636-9241    Borrowers’ Services

Contact Us: Listing of phone numbers at the Racine Public Library

Message Us

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If you have a request for information, please submit the form below. We will provide you with an answer via email as soon as possible. Questions will usually be answered within 72 hours.

In fairness to our taxpayers, we must charge for reference service that we provide to people residing outside our service area. The fee for this service is $40 per hour, pro-rated in 15-minute segments, as follows, with a minimum charge of $10. 1 – 15 minutes $10.00, 16 – 30 minutes $20.00, 31 – 45 minutes $30.00, and 46 – 60 minutes $40.00. In addition to this service fee, we charge $.15 per page for photocopies.