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College Admissions Guidebook:
This new guidebook includes a clear and comprehensive application timeline from as early as ninth grade all the way through college enrollment. It also includes key insight, information, tips, and how-tos from college admissions experts across the United States.

College Admissions Videos

College Board: Try their college finder search and register for the SAT.

CollegeNET:  A good starting place for schools, financial aid, scholarships, etc.

CollegeToad: Helps teens learn what to expect in college

FAFSA: Federal Student Aid: Apply for Financial Aid for college through the US Department of Education.

GoodCall Scholarship Search Site

Homeless Youth and Higher Education: A list of resources, programs, and awareness for college students in need. A free website designed to help students get into a good college and find the means to pay for it.

My College Guide: Search for schools by region, size and cost. Learn about the different opportunities in Wisconsin to go to school online. The Education and Career Center – Help with choosing a college, test preparation, admission essays and financial aid.

Study Point

U.S. News Online:  The annual college rankings.

University Admission Reviews by State