Company Info


Local Companies

The library maintains files of clippings, from the Racine newspapers, for local companies. Ask at the Reference Desk for this material.

Brief information about area companies may be found in the  Wisconsin Manufacturers and Business Service Directory. These directories have sections arranged alphabetically by city, with companies listed alphabetically by name within each city, and another section that lists companies by product. The current edition is shelved in the Job & Careers Reference Section or at the Adult Services Reference Desk at R/338/W753WMH. Older editions, which may be checked out, are shelved in the circulating Jobs & Careers collection at 338/W753WMH.

American Companies

The following directories give basic information about a variety of companies. They provide addresses and phone numbers, many also include the  company’s product or service, as well as  company officers. Sometimes they include the annual sales, year established, and number of employees.

Ask at Reference Desk                 R/602.75/B734
Brands and their Companies

Hoover’s Online
Basic corporate information and basic industry
overviews are available free on this web site.

Reference USA (a web-based database)
Click on “Finding Information”. Click on “Reference USA” link on the left hand side of the screen.  You will need a Racine Public Library card to access this source.

The following sources provide more in-depth financial and historical information about a limited number of companies.
This URL works if you have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is registered with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). If you use a national ISP, such as AOL, or a Wisconsin ISP that has not registered with DPI, and you have a Racine Public Library card, go to the library’s web site ( On the “Finding Information” page, click on the “Magazine and Newspapers” link on the left side of the screen. BadgerLink for links that will let you use your library card for authentication. These will provide access to  Ebscohost database.

The Ebscohost databases include magazine indexes and many full-text articles about business topics and companies. Business Source Premier database also includes profiles of American and foreign companies.



Information About Foreign Companies

Company profiles for many foreign companies are included in the Business Source Premier database that is part of BadgerLink (see inside).

Many companies have web sites. You can  often find them by typing the company name in a search engine such as Google (