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The Racine Public Library has books available for you to check out on the subject of architecture. If you are in the library and would like to browse head on over to the 720s.
Architecture: Arts and Culture

Architecture of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Architecture & History Inventory

Wright in Wisconsin


The Racine Public Library provides many books in the the following subjects: Arts (700), Sculpture, Ceramics & Metal Work (730), Drawing and Decorative Arts (740), Painting (750), Graphic Arts (760).

Artists Network: Connecting artists with idea, inspiration and instruction.

Free Online Art Classes

Find Art Info: Art Prices, Art Appraisal – Search for Free


Milwaukee Art Museum

Free Classes Online Art Class from Milwaukee Art Museum

Museum of Wisconsin Art

Racine Art Museum

Racine Art Museum Blog


Dance Materials available from the Racine Public Library

Hip Hop Dance Information from Wikipedia

Hip Hop Dance Tutorial – Learn a routine step by step.

History of Ballet from Wikipedia

Learn to Free online dance classes

Jazz 101 from

Jazz Dancing for beginners from

Modern Dance History

What is Modern Dance from


The complete works of William Shakespeare

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

Over Our Head Players

Racine Theatre Guild