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Computer Classes

The Adult Services Department provides free computer classes taught by library staff. The classes consist of a series of four classes. Each class session is 2 hours in length.

Classes are limited to 6 participants and registration is required—call 262.636.9217 during the hours that the library is open.

Classes are held in the library’s computer lab, using computers that were funded by various grants.

Before you come to class you can download and print off the curriculum. If you don’t want to print it off at home we do have copies that you can use during the class. We also have copies available for purchase at the circulation desk for $5.00.

Session 1: Computer Basics
Computer Basics is an introduction to computers for everyone starting to use a computer or even considering buying one. You will become familiar with basic computer terminology, gain experience working with Windows, and learn to use the keyboard and mouse to accomplish basic computer tasks which will build your confidence and skills.

Session 2: Internet Basics
Learn about the internet –what it is and what it can offer you by learning how to navigate a web browser; explore the Racine Public Library web site, find information, and master the online catalog; and print web pages.

Session 3: Internet Searching
Now that you have worked with a web browser and explored a web site we will learn to find specific information. We will use search engines and subject directories and special techniques to search effectively. In addition, there is a large amount of information that is not indexed by popular search engines. We will discover some of this hidden information from subscription databases RPL has access to.

Session 4: Email Basics
Email is one of the most used forms of communication today. In this class we are going to learn about email by signing up for an email account; sending and receiving messages; learning to manage our messages and contacts, and how to sign in and out of our email.

Human Library

The Human Library is a trademark event created by a youth organization “Stop the Violence” in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000. The idea behind the event was to challenge the stereotypes many of us have about different groups in the community that we do not often interact with. For more information about the group please visit

The Racine Public Library will be hosting our own Human Library event on June 25th, 2016 and are looking for volunteers. There are two types of individuals we would like to volunteer with us. “Books” are people that would like to talk about their life experiences and challenges they have faced. Some book titles that have been used in other group events have been those of “Homeless”, “Bipolar”, or “Muslim”.

If you are interested in becoming one of our books, please fill out the “Book” portion of the form. “Librarians” are individuals that will help direct patrons to their checked out book,  and will also make sure that the “Books” are taken care of and treated respectfully. If you are interested in volunteering as a “Librarian” please fill out that portion of the form below. Any questions please contact Rebecca Leannah at 262.636.9255 or at

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