Group Visits Policy, Youth Services Department


Purpose of the Group Visit Policy

This policy defines the purpose and scope of youth programming for groups and classes.  This policy also defines the eligibility for this service.

Definition and Purpose of Programming for Groups

The Youth Services Department will provide programming and/or tours for groups and classes that come to the library.  Any professional librarian or paraprofessional library assistant can provide these programs and tours.

The purpose of providing programs to classes and groups is twofold; to introduce children to the Racine Public Library and its services, and to provide age-appropriate literary experiences.

 Availability of Service

Programming and tours are available to any eligible group.  Eligible groups include, but are not necessarily limited to, public and private schools through eighth grade, day care centers, preschools, Head Start, Even Start, home schooling families, and troops associated with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  Groups of fewer than eight children cannot schedule a program, but may request a tour.  The final determination of eligibility is left to the discretion of the Youth Services staff.

Programs and tours are available by appointment only, and must be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the date the program is requested.  Groups and classes may request a program or tour as often as once a month.  Youth Service Department staff may refuse a program or tour request if the group does not provide two week’s notice, another program is being held at the same time or there is not enough staff available at the time requested.

 Responsibility of Group Leaders

While at the library, children in the group are the sole responsibility of the teachers, group leaders and chaperones, and these adults must remain with the group at all times.  Inappropriate behavior by any child in the group will be brought to the attention of the group leader.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, the group may be asked to leave the library. (See the attached Safe Child Policy.)


Approved by the Library Board August 19, 2004