Outreach Programming Policy, Youth Services Department


Purpose of the Outreach Programming Policy

This policy defines the purpose and scope of the outreach programming provided by the Youth Services Department of the Racine Public Library.  This policy also defines eligibility for this service.

 Definition and Purpose of Outreach Programming

The Youth Services Department provides storytelling and other programming for institutions that serve children from birth through eighth grade and their families.  When this programming takes place at the institution rather than at the library, it is considered outreach.  Although one Youth Services librarian is designated as the “Outreach Librarian,” any professional or paraprofessional staff member of the Youth Services Department may perform this service.

The purpose of outreach programming is to introduce children from birth through eighth grade and their caregivers to the Racine Public Library and its services, as well as provide children with a variety of age-appropriate literary experiences.

Availability of Service

Outreach programming is available to eligible institutions located in Racine County, east of I-94.  Eligible institutions include, but are not necessarily limited to, public and private schools through eighth grade, preschools, licensed daycare centers, Racine Parks and Recreation Department, Head Start, Even Start, and social agencies such as homeless shelters and shelters for abused women and children.  Those groups not eligible for outreach programming include, but are not limited to, home daycare providers, private homes, and for-profit institutions.  The Youth Services Department will also refuse an outreach request if it is deemed to be solely for entertainment purposes.  The final determination of eligibility is left to the discretion of the Youth Services staff.

Outreach programming is available by appointment only, and must be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the date the program is requested.  Institutions may request outreach programming as often as once every two months for each classroom or age group at that site.  A Youth Services staff member has the right to refuse outreach programming for any of the following reasons: 1) the institution is not eligible, as defined above,  2) there is not enough staff available at the time requested,  3) the institution does not provide two weeks notice,  4) outreach programming has been provided to the same children at that site within the past two months, 5) the date and time requested is at a time the library is not open , or 6) the time slot requested has been filled by another institution.



Approved by the Library Board April 15, 2004